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The Glastonbury Grail

Holy is the Grail that Sets You Free…


A magical family adventure through real life earth mysteries: “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe meets The Da Vinci Code!”

Film 1: The Faery Tale of Avalon
In London, doom and gloom is in the air, the financial system is in ruins and it just won’t stop raining. To escape his troubles, recent widower David Lyte takes Sophie, his surly, Grime obsessed teenager, and Crystal, his mystical 9 year old, to Glastonbury, the land of King Arthur he has dreamt of since childhood.

Curious synchronicities lead them to Wagg, a mysterious cottage guarded by an eccentric caretaker and his beloved chickens. In this magical place, steeped in myth and legend, Crystal’s natural psychic powers accelerate until historical characters, unicorns and fairies come to life before her very eyes. They reveal ancient esoteric mysteries, culminating in Merlin’s secret - the Glastonbury Zodiac, 12 huge figures built into the land, a giant temple to the stars.
The Lady of Avalon appears to Crystal with a mission to find Merlin’s Faery Gifts and return them to Arthur so that the true king may return with harmony for this troubled land. Meanwhile, Sophie has her own awakening with Jacob, a sexy, elf like tree surgeon. It’s love at first sight – much to David’s displeasure.
But there are those who want to stop their mission. Crystal discovers the Evil Manipulators’ dark agenda just in time and escapes. On the run at the Glastonbury Festival, a pop star come shamanic Pied Piper reveals the family belong to the Dragon Clan – an ancient lineage protecting sacred knowledge. Persecuted through history, now is their time to restore Britain to a Golden Age. Crystal is about to return the Spear of Truth to King Arthur when the Manipulators kidnap her. Can David awaken and save his children? Will they return the Faery Gifts to Arthur before the Avalon portal closes forever?
Throughout this magical trilogy, our heroes journey through the Earthstars of France, the Pyramids of Egypt, the Caves of South Africa, the secret Dragon history of America and beyond, guided by the grid of light connecting sacred sites around the globe. They discover the ancients predicted this dark time in human evolution and left Megalithic messages to wake us up.

But can we learn to read the signs before it is too late?  

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