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The Butcher (2006)

18 | 1h 30min  |  English  | 

Director Edward Gorsuch, Writer Michael Hurst | Horror | Thriller

Storyline - While driving to Las Vegas with his college friends Rachel, Liz, Atlanta, Sophie and Adam, the selfish and wealthy Mark decides to take a shortcut. Mark stresses with the driver of an old tow truck, and suddenly he sees a woman crossing the road and has a serious car accident. His friend Liz dies, and Mark and Adam run after the girl, who is wounded. The group decides to seek help while Atlanta stays with the severed body of Liz in the car. They find an old house in the woods where a family of psychopaths lives and they are chased by the insane family.

Starring: Myiea Coy, Hazel Dean, Ashley Rebecca Hawkins

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