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Only the Light: A True Story 

by Anna Galliers


Renowned celebrity psychic Anna Galliers landed on shifting cultural soil in Ukraine, right before the incendiary February 2014 Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity, having been invited to participate in one of the country's most popular TV shows: the international 'Battle of the Psychics.' It was at age eight that she first became aware of her psychic abilities when they suddenly appeared to her on a school trip, but through the years her gift had developed to the point where she found herself in great demand as a medium and spirit counsellor...and to the producers of the show. She has worked with people from all over the globe - from senior government officials and titans of business, to struggling husbands, housewives and entrepreneurs -- offering her honest insight and help in all manner of problems related to their lives and endeavours. Today she lives between Spain and Ukraine, where she is famed for her clairvoyant abilities, finals appearances year after year in 'Battle of the Psychics,' and regular appearances on Ukraine's popular TV series, 'Psychics Investigate,' where actual crimes are solved. Her new book - written at Eggman Global Agency with the collective contribution of Anna herself, Steve Eggleston, Alison Rattle, and Dana Amma Day - Only the Light tells her incredible story...with a major motion picture in the offing.

About the Author


Anna has worked with people from all over the globe for many years now. They come from all walks of life and situations as you can imagine. Her Intention is always to give an honest insight into their lives experience and to appreciate, and validate each one of them with out judgments.

All sessions are treated with confidentiality.

Anna has worked In television in The Uk and abroad for over 10 years, which involved personal readings, crime investigations, psychic challenges, and dealing with all manners of problems relating to peoples lives’. From time to time she also holds workshops, classes in spiritual development and given theatre performances.

Working with people as a psychic medium and spiritual counselor is her lifes work she is ver much a professional and takes her work very seriously.

Over the last few years she has worked extensively with the STB’s Tv channel. Anna Galliers was a finalist on both season 7 & season 10 of STBs “"battle of the psychics - War of the Worlds” - WEBSITE

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