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by Steve Eggleston & John Neyer


San Francisco is in the throes of a bloody gangland war when prominent attorney Tim Tremble – alleged counsel to the Chinese Mafia – is shot dead in his Sea Cliff mansion. Police arrest his daughter’s boyfriend, the guitar player for a rising devil-worship metal band. Unlikely childhood best friends, Trip Splatter and Jack Marsten find themselves grown up, private investigator and attorney, defending the accused while fighting personal demons, dark secrets and conflicts of interest that converge like a tidal wave, threatening to derail Mike's defense and get him sentenced to death for a killing he utterly, totally disavows... but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

People wrote

—Keith Ferrell, New York Times Bestselling Author and Former OMNI Editor in Chief

"Steve Eggleston's Conflicted is a chilling, funny, moving, shocking thriller and Eggleston keeps every one of those elements in balance as he moves his story at a breakneck pace through as delicious a set of complications, re- complications, and surprises as I've seen in a long time. Trip Splatter may well be the most unusual and distinctive investigator to be introduced this decade, and eagerly I look forward to his next adventure."


—James Dalessandro, Author of Bohemian Heart and 1906

"If the law ever produced a more colorful character than Steve Eggleston himself, I'd probably be afraid to meet him. Eggleston has taken that colorful, irreverent personae of his - and an encyclopedic knowledge of the law and the characters who pass through that suspense-filled world - and created a character as colorful and outrageous as his name: Trip Splatter. Conflicted is a roller coaster ride through the dark and twisted world of criminals and those who hunt them.”


—John Lescroart, 17 x New York Times Bestselling Thriller Author

"Killer book. I loved every page of it. CONFLICTED is a total winner on every level. Great courtroom stuff, great characters, great plot, narrative mega-drive and – in Dave Splatter, P.I. – a stand-alone hero for the ages.”

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