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A Few Bad Men: A True Story 

by John Reid


What happens when power corrupts lawmakers?

 John Reid spent years building the life he always wanted: his own investment firm, a beautiful wife, a luxury yacht, a holiday home. But this all comes crashing down around him when he is wrongfully accused by New Zealand government officials of masterminding a colossal tax fraud against well-heeled investors.

 Finding himself at the centre of a national scandal, and with the threat of a long prison sentence looming, John fights to clear his name. Despite his lawyer’s best efforts, the fight will never be a fair one: New Zealand’s Serious Fraud Office is renowned for its prosecutorial prowess, and the country’s top QC has his sights set on putting John behind bars for good.

 As the case gets further underway, John uncovers a thread of corruption that runs deeper than he could ever imagine. With justice spiralling further out of reach and the verdict ever closer, John must draw on every reserve he has to be in with a chance of overcoming the odds, in what becomes a David-versus-Goliath fight.

 Based on true accounts, A Few Bad Men is a gripping true crime thriller about one man’s fight for justice in the face of a broken, corrupt system.

About the Author


At age twenty-six, John Reid co-founded the merchant and investment banking firm Milloy Reid. He was later arrested, and became one of the wrongfully accused 'Digi-Tech Four' at the centre of one of New Zealand's highest profile white collar criminal prosecutions. John has significant experience in investment banking and the financial markets, and a strong understanding of risk and commercial matters. When John is not investing in technology or inventing new gaming methods, he can be found boating, scuba diving, and practising mixed martial arts. A Few Bad Men is his first book.

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